Stargazer Archetype Edition Soy Wax Candle


The Stargazer belongs to the family of dreamers and visionaries. Their souls light up when they are looking beyond the horizon and into the night sky. This candle is for your inner Stargazer. May you take time to visualize the bigger picture, dream about possibility and always encourage others to keep looking up.

This blend of florals is clean, sweet and breezy. Created to capture the essence of the starry sky by evoking a serene sense of wonderment.

Crisp and breezy like a night under the stars with rich floral notes of ylang ylang and wild hydrangea. Subtle middle notes of lavender, vetiver and willow bark help create an expansive and clean aroma.

>>Product Details<<
Opal and Wonder only uses 100% organic soy wax and premium grade fragrance oils. Hand-poured into an 8 oz tumbler that may be reused for other purposes. We are cruelty free! No animals were used or tested on any of our ingredients or materials. 

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