Beautiful People Soy Wax Candle

$15.00 $13.00

This fragrance was inspired by you. Yes, you- the dreamer, the believer, the strong and confident, the reader, the up with the sun and down with moon, the shy but brave, and all the lovelies in between. This was made just for you. Because you are a beautiful soul and you deserve beautiful things. This is your reminder. 

Notes of forest fresh green leaves and lemon zests, and well rounded with notes of peach, apple, and pineapples. A very fresh fragrance that will entice and energize your day.

Opal and Wonder only uses 100% all natural soy wax and premium grade fragrance oils. Hand-poured into an 8 oz or 16 oz tumbler that may be reused for other purposes. None of our ingredients are tested on animals.

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