The meaning behind our name, Opal & Wonder, refers to the relationship between the LIGHT the DARK and our human connection with the two forces. They are often seen as opposing, yet we cannot have one without the other. Both are vital for our wholeness and responsible for our unique design.
We are the light. We are the dark. We are the seeds buried deep in the darkness. We are the leaves reaching for the light. We are stars and we are the night. We are stories of rising triumphs during our darkest hour. We are the ever unfolding flower. 
It's the journey of finding light in the darkness. It's about being light in someone else's darkness, It's loving the dark for showing us the light.  It's about honoring their relationship. They are not separate. They are real and they are alive within us. 
Opals are formed from under the earth in complete darkness. Water, sand and silica fill cracks and voids in the earth overtime creating this beautiful stone. A true WONDER. 
The colors that were created in complete darkness dance in the light.