Hi! We are Amber and Joshua. The Scorpio and Leo duo behind Opal + Wonder. Together we hand-pour, label and ship every candle. Everything is done in our home studio nestled in the magical city of Asheville, North Carolina. Of course, there are also frequent brainstorming sessions that take place at our local coffee spots.

Amber likes: books, astrology, the desert and quiet mornings. You can find her on Instagram at @amber_n_adams.

Josh likes: skateboarding, surfing, local metal shows and adrenaline rushes. You can find him on Instagram at @joshu_niven. 

 Born from inspiration that is gathered in nature, visions and personal experiences, our candles are designed to honor the wild within us all. 

Each candle has an intention and a story. Once we have a clear direction for a collection, I begin to work on the scent and words while josh works on the visuals. Our creative process seems to never end as you will notice that we are constantly evolving and refining our brand. 

We are in service to nature and our community that is within arms reach. We offer our work that flows from our hands and trust that it reaches ones who need it. May you fill the love that is poured into each and every one of our products.