thinking about the upcoming eclipse



This word comes to mind when I think about the upcoming Solar Eclipse. A time when the moon comes in between our sun and our planet, creating a brief (but significant) moment of W O N D E R. What is usually a time of light will become a time of darkness.


Much attention is being given to the sun; however, let’s not forget how the moon plays an important role during this rare galactic event! (For it is the moon that casts a shadow upon the Earth.) The moon is a symbol for the night, the hidden, the unseen and our subconscious. And I can’t help but think of this Solar Eclipse as an opportunity to explore and honor the dark parts of our souls. - the parts of ourselves that we keep bundled up inside; the past that seems to follow us until we finally accept that it is a part of us too; the aspects of our character that never see the light of day; the dreams that we choose to keep quiet.; the passions that are never fully expressed.


However you choose to think about your own personal darkness, whether it be ego related, old wounds, unconscious behaviors or a part that you have deemed as unwanted . . . it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that we acknowledge that we all have it. Carl Jung once said, “I must have a dark side also if I am to be whole.” I like that.


The thought of us uniting to experience a moment of darkness together sends chills down my spine. This is what life is about for me right now- leaning into more radical love for the dark, the unknown. I’ve been fascinated with the concept of loving all parts of this life, even the parts we don’t understand. How can we do this?


How can love the parts that bring us so much discomfort and pain? Self sabotage, anger, unanswered questions, death, greed, selfishness, discontentment, sickness, disharmony . . . this life is full of what seems like a bunch of problems. But what if we stepped back for a moment and saw them as invitations? Ahhh, yes. Invitiations to step into portals of expansion!


Invitations to grow.


Invitations to explore and discover.


Listen up. The universe is always inviting us to be courageous. We can start by honoring our deepest fears, dreams and desires by feeling them instead of ignoring them. What in your life is ready to be uncovered and shared? What is your gut saying?


Interestingly enough, for me it’s my voice. My little trembling voice that often gets shut down. My fear of saying the wrong thing and my desire for perfection have been holding my voice hostage for a long time. I feel like now is the time to let her shine. She really wants to, but damn is she scared. This is where the phrase “we are in this together” makes a big difference in facing my fears. The unknown of what will happen if I choose to express myself almost seems exciting instead of scary when there are loved ones around me.


So I’m going to do my best and slowly take steps in the dark, toward my fears and I hope you will too.


It’s my personal belief that this relationship between our planet, moon and sun are creating an event for us to stand in awe with each other and to embrace the dark side with love in our hearts. I imagine friends gathering on mountaintops and families holding hands as they witness this potentially once-in-a-lifetime event.


This vision gives me much hope.


May this eclipse mark a time of sacred self-compassion, self-discovery and ultimately deep love for each other despite our dark side.


Lots of love for every part of you- Amber