Monthly Manifestation Ritual: Releasing Negativity and Welcoming Good Company

Think about it. We choose our friends, entertainment, media, food, workplace and clothes based on the way we want to feel.  Our hope is that these things will bring us a sense of happiness and ultimately closer to fullfilling our desires. Do you feel happy and fulfilled? Let’s take a breath and think about the company that we have surrounding us. What and who are we choosing to connect with? Is it positive? Healthy? Stimulating? Is it sustaining or suffocating the inner fire? Is it bringing us closer to our dreams and desires? Once you have a clear picture of the things bringing you LIGHT and the things that are weighing you down, it’s time for some SPRING cleaning or perhaps some rearranging.

Here is a little ritual I liked to do every month:

  1. Take a piece of paper and tear it in half.  I like to title them: "Goodbye + Hello".
  2. Write down all of the company that you want to let go of and say "goodbye" to on one piece such as drama at work, bad habits, toxic thoughts, relationships, ect.
  3. Next, list all of the company you want to bring in and welcome on the other piece such as, a new job, more veggies, positive friends, confidence, time in nature, etc.
  4. Light both of your new candles.
  5. Burn your “goodbye” paper over one candle. Feel your shoulders soften as you exhale and watch the paper turn to ash.
  6. Then take your “hello” paper and place it under your other candle. Say a prayer or simply set an intention for more abundance, peace or whatever company you want to welcome into your life!
  7. Visit your lists for the next couple of days. Have faith and be ready for blessings!