Behind the name: Opal + Wonder

The name "Opal + Wonder" represents the light and darkness within us all. It is a symbol that everything is connected. 

• • • OPAL • • •

Opals are dreamy stones formed by water. They remind us that we too can be shaped and formed in dark places. The way the rainbow colors dance in the light is enough to inspire the creative within us all. Opals are karmic stones. Their metaphysical properties are about receiving and giving. Opals teach us to absorb and transmit energy into radiant light.

• • • WONDER • • •

We are all gifted with the ability to wonder, to marvel at the unexplainable, to stand in awe under the night sky. It's this deep rooted curiosity that has propelled mankind forward. The desire to wonder is in us all. Although, some of us have forgotten. Some of us are scared of the unknown. Some of us are too comfortable to dig a little deeper. Some of us believe it is wrong to ask questions, to dare or to consider the dark mysteries of the universe. 

May our candles be the light you need to explore your own darkness so that you can be of service with your own vibrant light that lives within you! If you are giving them as a gift, may the receiver feel your love, our love and be inspired to give love. 

January 28, 2017 by Amber Adams