A Guide to Forming + Setting Intentions

Where your mind goes, energy flows. - unknown

There are many ways you can form and set intentions. This is my personal favorite way I’ve come to create authentic intentions that are soul-infused with my current desires, feelings and emotions. To begin, find a quiet place (free from electronics if possible) and follow the steps below.


Use sage or palo santo to clear and purify the air of any negative energies. If you do not have either, you can simply ask any negative spirits and energies to leave the room and physically "shoo" them out. 


Take some deep relaxing breaths & connect with yourself. Let go of your to-do list, bills, workplace drama and other world stresses. Focus on the present. The room you are sitting in, the grass beneath you, the way your body feels. Once you feel centered and calm, light a candle. Our Eucalyptus candle supports clear thinking; however, any candle will do.


The candle represents your inner flame. As you watch the candle glow, think about when you feel most alive. What makes your heart sing? Where are you? What are you doing? What are you grateful for? Write down anything that comes to your mind.


Now think about what you need. What do you desire most? What do you want to create? What fears would you like to release?Who do you want to forgive? Do you need resources, support or rest? Write down any words that come to mind.


 Once you have clarity on what you need for more happiness, abundance or growth and it feels in alignment with your heart, write it down. Commit to focusing your attention and energy daily to your set intention.

    Remember a seed can’t grow unless you nourish it and bless it with your patience. So stay the course and focus on your intention daily. Have fun with it! Create a mantra that you can mediate with. 

    *For an extra boost, set your intentions for growth and abundance on the New Moon and your intentions for letting go and healing on the Full Moon.

    February 12, 2017 by Amber Adams